Avida Towers - BGC 34th Street Two Bedroom Unit (Fresh Unit)

Avida Towers BGC 34th Street Two Bedroom Unit (Fresh Unit).

  • Area: 65sqm
  • 3rd Floor facing amenities
  • 2 Bedrooms with Queen Bed (New frame and cushions)
  • 2 Upgraded Toilet & Bath (Retiled Bath, New Shower Enclosure & New Lavatory)
  • Extra Room
  • Upgraded Modern Kitchen (Cabinetry redesign with generous storage, Underlight, Range Hood and New Countertops)
  • Dining area & Living Area
  • Air-conditioned Rooms (New)
  • Heated Showers (New)
  • Ikea Sofa Bed (New)
  • Ikea 6-8 Seater Expandable Dining Table (New)
  • Refrigerator (New)

See the posters below for more details! Are you interested in renting this unit? Reach us through the following contact details:


: inquiry@buildeee.com

: Buildeee (Social Media - Facebook, Instagram)

: BuildeeeTV - YouTube Channel

: Buildeee.com

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